Complaints Procedure

Our support staff are available to speak to you five days a week on +61 (0) 2 8017 8099. Most customers’ concerns can be resolved by our Customer Support staff, who will do all they can to help. If they are unable to do so the complaint will be passed to a specialist team for investigation.

If you prefer, you can write to us at:

Hantec Markets (Australia) Pty Limited
Level 25, Citigroup Centre,
2 Part Street
NSW 2000

Alternatively contact us by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To help us investigate your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible, please provide us with your name and address, a daytime telephone number on which we can contact you, and if contacting us in writing, your account details. Please provide a clear description of your complaint, and what you would like us to do to resolve it.

We will acknowledge your complaint within five business days and endeavour to resolve your complaint within 6 weeks. However, from time to time, it may be necessary to carry out further investigation to ensure we fully resolve your complaint. If this occurs, we will keep you updated on the progress of your complaint.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to resolve your complaint within six weeks of receipt, or if you are not satisfied with our final response, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service at:

Financial Ombudsman Service Limited (FOS)
GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001


交易外汇及其他衍生品的风险可以很高,请您审慎考虑将要进行的交易是否符合自己的财政状况以及投资目标。如有必要,Hantec Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd(亨达外汇)建议您咨询独立意见。


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